Carrefour shoppers can soon start scanning product history before they make their picks. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Want to know where that vegetable came from? Or how about that chicken?

At your nearest Carrefour supermarket, you can make those traces… with a bit of help from IBM’s blockchain. Majid Al Futtaim, the Carrefour franchisee, has struck a deal with IBM, whereby the US tech giant will provide its ‘Food Trust’ solution.

By using their smartphone to scan a QR code on products such as Carrefour’s fresh chicken, customers will be able to get immediate access to actionable food supply chain data, from farm to store shelf. It will extend to the history of the product - including production process, halal and hygiene certifications, nutrition information and temperature data – once details are uploaded onto the blockchain.

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Load the trust factor

"Trust in the food supply is becoming increasingly important worldwide, a trend accelerated by changing consumer demands and the subsequent health and wellbeing concerns arising from the pandemic,” said Hani Weiss, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Retail. “It is therefore imperative for us to invest in ensuring quality throughout the value chain while simultaneously working to build robust customer trust and loyalty.

"In meeting the new market expectations, we are now offering enhanced food traceability for our valued Carrefour customers and improved operational efficiency for our business."

What's this Food Trust from IBM?
IBM Food Trust uses de-centralised ledgers to record transactions in a verifiable way.

Through a collaborative blockchain network, critical information such as product origin, transportation, and ingredients, can be logged effectively and accessed quickly by permissioned participants across the value chain and ultimately customers.