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Cyclist Everests Jebel Hafeet in record time

Brit rides up Al Ain mountain 12 times in 16 hours 32 minutes notching 9,036 vertical metres of climbing

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Pedal power. Liam Bek riding a bicycle up the Al Ain mountain

Abu Dhabi: A British cyclist in Abu Dhabi has set a new record of ‘Everesting’ Jebel Hafeet.

Liam Bek achieved this incredible feat last month when he rode a bicycle up the famous Al Ain mountain not once but 12 times in 16 hours and 32 minutes, in the process notching 9,036 vertical metres of climbing.

For the uninitiated, Everesting is an endurance test in which cyclists climb a mountain multiple times till they reach the magic number of 8,848 metres - the height of Mount Everest.

Enthusiastic response

“It was my longest day in the saddle and one of the hardest feats of endurance I have attempted so far,” said Liam who works as an English teacher in the capital.

Liam began his challenge at 3am on January 19. By the time he had finished, he had cycled for a staggering 260 kilometres. After taking into account time lapsed for toilet breaks, food and rest, Liam realised he he had beaten the previous record holder, Australian Dean Mason, by two hours and 50 minutes.

“I was completely exhausted by the end of the challenge and would like to thank all my friends who encouraged and supported me throughout the day and celebrated with me after the victory,” he said. “I will take a break before readying for my next big challenge.”

The writer is an Abu Dhabi-based freelance journalist


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