20240201 helo kitty
Three-year-old Ethan climbed into the machine via the prize dispenser chute. Image Credit: Screengrab

Sydney: An Australian toddler who clambered into a "Hello Kitty" arcade claw machine and "was in no hurry to get out" has been saved in a smash-and-grab rescue, police said Thursday.

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Queensland police said that during a shopping trip three-year-old Ethan climbed into the machine - which was filled with stuffed toys - via the prize dispenser chute.

Police video shows four officers sizing up the problem before shooing the unperturbed toddler to the far side of the glass compartment.

"Police ensured Ethan was at a safe distance before breaking a glass window of the machine in order to free him," Queensland police said.

"You won a prize, which one do you want?" an officer jokes after lifting the boy to freedom.