Senior citizens at Kentucky retirement home replicated American Super Bowl show on TikTok, Rihanna, Jay-Z send flowers
Senior citizens at Kentucky retirement home replicated American Super Bowl show on TikTok, Rihanna, Jay-Z send flowers Image Credit: Instagram, Facebook screengrab

Rihanna put together one of the most eye-catching Super Bowl halftime performances, and it even sparked some fans to recreate it. A video of residents at a Kentucky senior living facility that re-created Rihanna's Super Bowl performance went viral on social media.

On February 23, Arcadia Senior Living Bowling Green, a senior living facility in Kentucky that goes by the handle @arcadiasrlivingbg on Tiktok, posted this video which was later shared on their other social media platforms.

The video showed about a dozen older women dressed in white except one who wore red as Rihanna did in the show, and lip-synched to the pop star's ‘Rude Boy’. The video has garnered 32.4 million views since being posted.

Rihanna apparently saw the video of some of the Bowling Green retirement home residents re-enacting a clip from her 2023 Super Bowl halftime show.

As the video went viral, Rihanna offered a sweet gesture to the senior living facility in Kentucky. She reached out to the women after they went viral for recreating her Super Bowl performance on TikTok.

The Diamonds singer, who also announced her second pregnancy during the halftime show at Super Bowl, sent a bouquet of flowers with a message, to them. The note read, ‘You ladies’ dance was amazing. Love Roc Nation. Rihanna.’

American rapper, and record producer, Jay-Z also sent roses to the women after the video.

The card was signed by Jay-Z, who sent the gift on behalf of Roc Nation, Rihanna's record label. His message read, ‘We love the TikTok here at Roc Nation.’

Roc Nation is the Rude Boy crooner's record label, which Jay-Z founded.

Arcadia Senior Living Bowling Green's Facebook page shared a picture of Rihanna and Jay-Z's flowers with the caption, "The moment we've hoped for, Rihanna has delivered! #TikTokStars Roc Nation”

Social media users are in awe, and many have congratulated them.

A Facebook user @Tasha Aspley commented on the post: “Y'all are the best! Keep the TikTok videos coming! I'm looking forward to seeing more from y'all lovely ladies.”

@Lynn Cochran wrote: “These three must be besties. These three ladies are straight; they got the moves. Those are better moves than mine. I was overjoyed with love when I watched this video. And I want to thank the sweet, kind, loving nurses who helped these residents.”