Police personnel and people gather near an electric multiple unit (EMU) train
Police personnel and people gather near an electric multiple unit (EMU) train, which was coming from Shakur Basti railway station, that climbed on a platform, at Mathura railway station on Wednesday. Image Credit: ANI

Lucknow: It was a carelessly put bag on the throttle by an intoxicated operator that caused the derailment of an electric multiple unit (EMU) train that climbed onto a platform at Mathura Junction.

A video has surfaced showing the operator entering the engine cab and carelessly putting his bag on the throttle, before getting engrossed in his mobile phone.

The video shows the railway staffer, identified as Sachin by railway officials, entering the cab after the loco pilot was relieved from his duty and exited the cab. Sachin places his black backpack on the engine throttle, then sits down and starts watching something on his mobile phone.

Within a minute of his entering the cab, the train starts moving, breaks the dead end and half of its portion climbs onto the platform.

Five railway staffers, including a loco pilot and four technical staff, have been suspended following an investigation into the incident in which one person was injured.

Mathura Railway Station Director Sanjeev Srivastava said the five were in an intoxicated state and were found using their phones while on duty.

Divisional Railway Manager Tej Prakash Agrawal confirmed the suspensions and stated that a "further detailed investigation is on."

According to his statement in the joint investigation report, Sachin claimed the train started moving on its own. He said that he applied the emergency brake but by then, the train had already entered the platform.

Upon investigation, he found that the throttle was in the forward position and the key was also in place. He immediately informed his in-charge about the incident.

Sachin blamed the loco pilot for keeping the train functions in "switched on" position. However, the loco pilot in his statement said that he had handed over the key to Sachin before the latter entered the cab.