Elephant stops sugarcane truck in Thailand, video goes viral
Elephant stops sugarcane truck in Thailand, video goes viral Image Credit: @susantananda3/ Twitter

We often get fascinated by animal videos and find them entertaining and hilarious. These videos show their funny side, and some intrigue us with their level of intelligence.

A video of an elephant in Thailand who has learned the way to stop passing sugarcane trucks to steal a snack has gone viral on Twitter.

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Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service officer who goes by the handle @susantananda3 on Twitter, has shared this video.

Apparently, it is another animal-human connection that was caught on the tape.

In the video, an elephant stopped a truck in the middle of the road. The driver slowed down the truck so that it could grab some sugarcane, and then he drove forward. The elephant snatched a few logs of sugarcane and feasted on them.

However, it doesn't attack anybody. Instead, it just grabs a trunk full of sugarcane and starts munching on it.

People couldn't stop being amazed at how the elephant didn't charge at the truck, but kind of politely took some sugarcane because it was hungry.

Social media users are incredibly delighted by a video. They commented on how they enjoy watching such videos immensely.

A Twitter user, @pksharangi commented on the post: "We have to appreciate the drivers who stop to feed the elephants."

Another twiteratti, @Drnarayanmkulj1, wrote: "It looks so blissful, cute majestic, elegant elephant. It would have finished whole sugarcane loaded in the lorry, but how gracefully it chose a few logs of sugarcane."

"I had several such experiences in the Keonjhar district of Odisha where the elephants block the road and collect food from each vehicle for hours. Moreover, if any vehicle keeps its windows closed, it may topple the vehicle. Local residents call it the ‘Dadagiri Tax’ [bully tax],” commented another user @MeghdutGuha.

The Thai video has garnered over one million views and tons of reactions.