South Korea food blogger is challenged to eat pani puri for ’24 hours’

South Korea food blogger is challenged to eat pani puri for ’24 hours’

Kim describes herself as 'A Korean girl roaming around India and the Indian subcontinent'

Pani puri
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Pani puri. The name is enough; a popular street food in India, where crisp fried dough balls (puri) are stuffed with potatoes, sprouts, and spicy, tangy water. It is the most loved and popular snack that can cheer you up instantly. But would you eat it '24 hours' a day?

Recently, Meggy Kim, a South Korean content creator and a food blogger based in India, was challenged by one of her followers to eat pani puri (a savoury snack) for '24 hours'.

Kim accepted the challenge and shared her experience on her Instagram account, and her video went viral.

According to the video, Kim initially ordered a plate of the snack from a restaurant and ate it at home.

The blogger then went around the city of Jaipur, trying pani puri from different eateries. While she seemed to enjoy her first few plates, her final plate from a street vendor was too spicy for her to handle.

As she took the last bite of pani puri, Kim’s viral video ended with a shot of her gasping and requesting for a kulfi, a milk-based dessert like ice cream.

The blogger who goes by the handle @Meggykim across social media platforms, shared the video on March 3. The video has since been viewed over 1.2 million times and has also accumulated numerous comments.

Instagram user @akshitagarg_7 commented on the post: "Fact – each place has the same pani puri but with different names and tastes in India. You can easily live on golgappas for one week also."

A YouTuber, @Euphoria Army, wrote: "That was so sweet and fun. That kulfi guy was really kind. I guess he might be actually surprised or excited after seeing a Korean."

"Being an Indian, I never tried the pani puri challenge for 24 hrs. Looks fun. I'll try," wrote another user, @gayathri.

On Youtube, Kim describes herself as, "A Korean girl roaming around India and the Indian subcontinent."

She also runs a blog, where she shares all her photography, food, and travel adventure from India.

When COVID-19 hit the world, she started doing online photography courses. And later, many joined her class. But instead of continuing the job in Korea, she travelled to India, where she realised, she could be a content creator.

On her website, she also mentions how instead of living in Korea and finding a day job, she loves to experience life differently.

Kim said: "I could have had a more stable life if I continued to be a lecturer. I would have also made more money if I had continued my business. But I choose to experience a different universe. So, I decided to become a content creator."

Another video of Kim also went viral, where she tries to eat pani puri with chopsticks.

The video gathered around 2 million views on Instagram.

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