In this March 9, 2014 file photo, a man looks out from a viewing gallery as a Malaysia Airlines aircraft sits on the tarmac at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Malaysia. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: As governments collaborate to hunt for flight MH370, the questions are mounting with no definitive answers.

Divination experts around the world are using their own systems of belief to try and determine what might have happened to the plane. Their conclusions range from the plane plunging to the bottom of the ocean to it being safely parked somewhere.

Sultan Al Katbi is a UAE-based self-styled interpreter of dreams. Two days before the disappearance of the aircraft, he had a vivid dream. Even though he works as an architect in Abu Dhabi, Al Katbi says he has always been having visions of events before they happen and has been documenting them.

“On the night of March 6-7, I dreamt that an aircraft belonging to an airline similar to the 777 was moving on a thin asphalt single carriage strip, surrounded by many trees,” Al Katbi said.

“I saw the plane through a cover of tropical trees such as coconut and date palm. I concluded it was some sort of a tropical place in the middle of the sea.

“The plane was neither small [like those of budget airlines] nor extremely big. It looked exactly like a Boeing 777. I had the feeling that the aircraft was safe and moving on this single asphalt sort of road. I got up the next day and told a friend of mine with whom I usually document all my dreams. Soon enough on March 8, we got the news that the Malaysian aircraft was missing. I am positive the vision I had was of this aircraft and I feel it has landed safely on some remote island,” Al Katbi concluded.

However, Australian clairvoyant and oracle Amira Celon, who spoke to Gulf News from Sydney, begged to differ.

“I feel this aircraft was en route to some part of the Middle East. I can sense Yemen or Iran, but something went seriously wrong by those who took control and the plane fell into the Indian Ocean, north of the equator, close to Maldives,” Celon said.

“People in the plane were unable to call or send message because the oxygen supply was switched off and they lost consciousness. I have a sense that things did not go according to plan. Those in control tried to land the plane but something went seriously wrong and the plane landed in the bottom of the sea. In a two-week time frame, the authorities are likely to find the black box or debris, by which they will be able to put the puzzle together and reconstruct what has happened,” added Celon, who predicted Julia Gillard would become Australia’s first woman PM among other events.

Sunita Dhingra, a Vedic astrologer from India, said: “The ascendant stars according to the local time of take-off (12.41am) in Kuala Lumpur were badly affected. The stars were malefic and indicate running away and loss. But based on time you asked me the question regarding the plane’s safety, I would say that the body of the aircraft has not been destroyed, the plane is safe and people are alive. Based on numerology, it appears that the stars of the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, were weak or afflicted, while those of co-pilot Fariq were extremely strong. It looks like the pilot was overpowered or disabled. Will the plane be found? That is a tough call. Right now, it seems to have safely been landed somewhere but ... stars indicate that finding it will take a very long time.”