An undated photo of the late couple. Image Credit: Facebook

Cairo: A young Egyptian passed away due to grief over his fiancée that died a day earlier in a Nile Delta province, local reports said.

The man named Karim Badr died in the Delta Dakahlia governorate a day after the death of his fiancée Dina, they added.

A polytechnical school, where Karim’s father works, mourned the departure of the two young people and posted on its Facebook page a picture of the couple.

Online mourners said that Karim had been devastated by the girl’s death.

“Dina died after slipping into diabetic coma,” wrote on mourner.

“Her fiancé Karim plunged into crying until he died. He was ruined by grief and heartbreak.”

The girl was buried on Wednesday and her fiancé the following day, according to local mourners.