Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A Jordanian has been spending $1,400 monthly to feed stray dogs in capital Amman and nearby areas, media reported.

Nader Abdul Rahim Al Morshed started his initiative seven years ago to feed and ensure stray dogs are vaccinated. He also shares videos of himself and the dogs on social media platforms.

For almost seven years, every day, Al Morshed takes a huge plate full of meat in his car and travels across Jordan to feed the dogs. He spends about 1,000 Jordanian dinars ($1,410) a month on feeding dogs, across Amman and elsewhere, as part of an initiative he feels close to his heart.

Al Morshed said: “Every day, I prepare food to feed these dogs all over the Kingdom. The goal behind this initiative is to change people’s attitude towards these dogs, that people get to know them so that they can live with us peacefully. The dogs should not be abandoned, neglected or left sick or people should not think of getting rid of them.”

Al Morshed recently started sharing his videos on TikTok. “I have been making these videos for seven years before TikTok. I recently started uploading them so I can make people aware that dogs are friendly pets, they are good with people and children, in your home and everywhere. I want to send a message to people to follow in my footsteps.”

The dog lover hopes that one day he will be able to set up a shelter to protect stray dogs in Jordan.