Watch: Iraqi woman officer assaulting police following car crash in Baghdad
Image Credit: X@alasmarisaeed1

Dubai: An Iraqi woman was caught on video attacking police officers in the middle of a Baghdad street following a car crash.

The woman, subsequently identified as a First Lieutenant in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, was involved in an auto accident in the capital city.

Upon the arrival of police officers at the scene to investigate, she engaged in a heated argument that quickly escalated into a physical altercation with them. The viral video footage circulating on social media depicts the female official raising her voice and aggressively assaulting the police officers present at the crash scene. However, her efforts are thwarted as she is eventually apprehended and arrested by one of the officers.

Following the viral footage and ensuing social media uproar within the Iraqi community, the Minister of Interior, Abdul Amir Al Shammari, issued an order summoning the female officer involved, holding the rank of First Lieutenant, along with the security team that responded to the incident.

The altercation occurred between the First Lieutenant and the police officers after a collision between her vehicle and a civilian’s car. What started as a verbal spat swiftly turned into a physical conflict, necessitating intervention from the Interior Ministry.

The Iraqi government has initiated a thorough investigation into the incident, which has garnered widespread attention on social media. The behaviours exhibited by both the female officer and the police officers have been rejected by the Ministry of Interior, prompting an in-depth review of the events that unfolded.