Abu Dhabi: The UAE on Saturday called on the Sudanese government to show utmost wisdom in dealing with protests and people’s demands, in order to maintain the stability in Sudan.

Demonstrations began on Monday in Sudan after the Sudanese government scrapped fuel subsidies, leading to soaring prices.

"The UAE is following with concern the developments in Sudanese cities, stemming from the distinguished historic ties between the UAE and Sudan,” said Dr. Anwar Mohammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

He added, “The UAE voices its deep concern about the violent and unjustified dealing with these events and their impact on the Sudanese people.”

The UAE calls on the Sudanese government to show its utmost sense of wisdom to protect the lives of civilians and safeguard the stability in the country, Gargash said.

Gunmen killed four Sudanese during mostly peaceful protests, the police said on Saturday, as thousands prepared to bury one victim and more demonstrations were expected.

It is the first time police have confirmed that people have been shot during five days of protests by thousands, in the biggest challenge to the 24-year rule of President Omar Al Bashir.