Manama: A restaurant in Tunisia has made an offer to singles on Valentine’s Day to provide you with a date for the evening.

The ad was made by Kafishanta, a restaurant in Gammarth, a posh area in the northern suburbs of the capital Tunis.

The customer will have a table with candles, an engagement ring, a chocolate box and a man or woman as a companion, the restaurant said.

The customer’s photo will be taken with their “fiance” in order to post on social media.

The offer drew applause from some people who said that it was a “nice” opportunity for singles not to be left out on an evening that is steadily growing in importance, mainly in the cosmopolitan capital.

However, it also drew anger from people, with one user criticising it as “an utterly unacceptable show of ostentatiousness in a manner that offends Tunisian values.”

“The social media have become the new dictator in Tunisia since they impose their will and their way of life on large segments of the society, telling them how to behave and how to cheat values for the sake of a picture,” Monia,a media user, posted.