Image Credit: Courtesy Petra news agency

Dubai: Jordanian security forces arrested a former official of King Abdullah and others due to ‘security reasons’, the Petra state news agency said.

Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, who served as the King’s former envoy to Saudi Arabia, and Basem Ibrahim Awadallah, former Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court, have been arrested on Saturday, Jordan news agency (Petra) reported, quoting security source.

According to the report, the arrest was made after close security follow-up and was executed "for security reasons".

As many as 20 officials, including close associates of Prince Hamzah (former crown prince), as well as civilian and military figures have also been arrested.

Denying media reports, Petra news agency said that Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, the oldest son of the late King Hussein, and his wife Queen Noor, were not placed under house arrest.

The report added that an investigation is underway.