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Dubai: An Egyptian man has been arrested for slitting the throats of his wife and five daughters in Kafr Ghatati village near the Giza Pyramids, south Cairo.

His wife and a nine-year-old daughter were killed instantly, while four daughters aged 16, 15, 8 and 5 are in a critical condition at hospital.

The 40-year-old scrap collector, who was arrested at a friend’s home after fleeing the crime scene, told investigators that he committed the crime following an argument with his wife over not having a son.

The suspect had been released from prison just a few days before the crime, after serving a sentence for another offence.

The friend was also arrested for aiding the suspect in concealing the crime.

He has been referred to Public Prosecution and is expected to stand trial in the next weeks.

According to media reports, the suspect has an extensive criminal record and had previously been arrested for drug possession and consumption. Additionally, he was known to engage in frequent fights with his wife.