Image Credit: Courtesy Petra news agency

Dubai: A team of Jordanian archaeologists announced the discovery of the homes of Prophet Lot in the southern Jordan Valley region in southern Jordan, state news agency Petra said.

The head of the Jordanian Tourist Guides Association, Mohammed Hammad, stressed the importance of announcing scientific discoveries, especially the discovery of Lot’s dwellings, one of the most prominent discoveries in the history of Jordan, which coincides with the Kingdom’s bicentennial of the Jordanian Kingdom.

According to Islamic tradition, Lot was born to Haran and spent his younger years in Ur, later migrating to Canaan with his uncle Abraham. He is considered to be a messenger of God and a prophet.

Ghassan Owais, a member of the Tourist Guides Association, said: “We have a new global tourist destination in the southern Jordan Valley, based on solid and strong scientific evidence, and it is time to benefit from it in various fields.”

Mohammed Wahib from the Hashemite University presented what he described as “physical scientific evidence for the discovery of Lot’s homes, including astronomical, geological, and geographical evidence, results of archaeological excavations, field surveys, and trade routes associated with the region such as the International Incense Road, the Elaf Qurashi Road, and the inscription tablets” discovered in Babylon, the Ebla tablets, the Akkadian tablets, and the later Roman roads.

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Professor of Anthropology at Al Al Bayt University of Jordan and a member of the discovery team, pointed out that field studies, scientific comparisons, and patterns of stability in the region have been covered from all sides, confirming the truth of this discovery and its unquestionable proof.