Abu Dhabi: Muammar Gaddafi's regime will collapse in a matter of days or weeks, a local representative of the National Transitional Council in Libya told Gulf News on the sidelines of the first Libyan council's meeting in Abu Dhabi Monday.

Representatives of 25 opposition tribal groups from various cities in Libya stressed their unity in the fight against Gaddafi and discussed ways to rebuild a new Libya through the council, which is considered the sole representative of the Libyan people.

"I have hopes that Gaddafi will go down in a few days or even weeks; 99.9 per cent of the Libyan population are against his regime. The council receives daily calls from ‘so-called Gaddafi supporters' who wish to flee Libya in fear of his tyranny, but we advise them to stay since it's a matter of time before the old regime known as the revolutionary committee is completely abolished," Mahmoud Werfali, official spokesperson from the Bani Walid local council told Gulf News.

Since the February 17 revolution, more than 15,000 people have been killed in Libya.

The UAE Red Crescent has helped set up camps on the Libyan border to provide medical aid to the wounded.