Saad Hariri
Lebanese Prime Minister-Designate Saad Hariri’s remarks came in response to the President’s letter to parliament calling on MPs search for an alternative to the prime minister-designate. Image Credit: AP

Abu Dhabi: Lebanese Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, affirmed that he will not form the Lebanese government as President Michel Aoun’s team wants it to, nor as any particular political group wants it, and said “I will not form the government except as he wants it to stop the collapse and prevent the major collision that threatens the Lebanese in their food, health, lives and their state.”

In a series of tweets on his Twitter account, today, Hariri said, “I start my words with greetings to our people in occupied Palestine and throughout the Palestinian geography, for their steadfastness, and for their sacrifices that make our tragedies easy. Their cause was and remains our central Arab issue.”

Constitutional right

Hariri added, “We are facing a president of the Lebanese Republic who exercises a constitutional right to send a message to the Parliament, asking to discuss it and take whatever it deems appropriate. But in fact, we are facing a president of the republic who says to the deputies: You named Prime Minister, I do not want, and I will not allow him to form a government. Please get rid of him. We have all read that this letter which aims to absolve His Excellency of the charge of obstructing the formation. As is the case with the messages addressed to foreign capitals to protect some of the entourage, the ocean and the political team from sanctions brandished by the European Union or countries. The truth is beyond that detail, and it is not in form but in principle.”.

Hariri said, “We have to admit that His Excellency the President has a great experience; It has a long history of disruption. From disrupting the formation of successive governments for many months; I mention, for example: 11 months for the formation of the government of President Tammam Salam, until the formation of my last government was suspended for seven months.”

Disrupts the constitution

He continued, “We are before a president of the republic who wants us to amend the constitution; If we do not, he wants to change the constitution by practicing without amending and until having what he wants, he disrupts the constitution, disrupts political life in the country, and, more seriously, suspends any hope for the Lebanese to stop the horrific collapse.”

Hariri concluded, “For 7 months, we put the Prime Minister-designate in front of an impossible equation: Either the government is formed as the president’s political team wants it, or there will be no government.”