Stock Jordan skyline Amman
A view shows buildings as vehicles drive through a road in Amman, Jordan Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: A Jordanian pharmacist was shot dead while he was driving his vehicle to his work at a medicine factory in Amman, local media reported.

The pharmacist, Nizzar Walid Qazan, was shot five times by a man who was travelling in another vehicle in Al Yadoudah neighbourhood.

The victim was pronounced dead at hospital a day after the incident, which took place in broad daylight on Thursday, when the perpetrator chased him and shot him sbefore fleeing the scene.

The media spokesperson for Jordan’s Public Security Directorate, Colonel Amer Al Sartawi, said the suspect was arrested and the firearm seized.

The spokesman added the pharmacist was first taken to hospital in critical condition, but succumbed to his wounds on Friday.

“A firearm was seized from the suspect, who was arrested later. Police examined the bullets, which matched those found in the victim’s body,” Al Sartawi said.

Media reports said the victim discovered medicine manipulation in the drugs factory he worked for.

Investigations are ongoing to identify the cause of the crime.