Ramallah: A group of Israelis attacked a Palestinian woman in the village of Lebnan Al Sharq on Wednesday afternoon, tearing off her clothes in front of her husband and son who retaliated by attacking the colonists, injuring one. The Israeli military allowed the gang to beat the Palestinian husband Khaled Sameeh Daraghmah and his son Sameeh before they arrested the two men and removed them from the area.

Ghassan Doghlous, the Palestinian official in charge of colonial activities in northern areas of the West Bank told Gulf News that the Israeli colonists targeted Khaled’s house which is located at the village’s side and not surrounded by neighbours.

“The colonists targeted the woman and tore her clothes off, knowing that such an action would badly humiliate the husband and the son,” he said. “The man and his son could not stand the attack and responded.”

One colonist injured by the man and his son was admitted to hospital for treatment.

“The Israeli military only got involved when the colonists were attacked,” he said.

Doghlous said that with the proposed evacuation of the Israeli colony of Migron, attacks by Israeli colonists are expected to rise and become more serious.

“The Palestinian targeted cities, villages and communities have been organised in a way which provides possible safety,” he said. “Guard groups have been organised day and night, and during these Palestinian youths will provide dog watches on shifts.”

Doghlous stressed that Israeli colonists attempt to show they exist in number and in strength. “The Israeli colonists demonstrate that they form an independent army with a deterrent strength that can not be ignored,” he said.