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Cairo: An Egyptian man went on stabbing rampage, killing his father and injuring his mother, the latest in a series of domestic violence reported in the country.

The 32-year-old suspect attacked his parents in a fit of anger inside their house in the Delta city of Meet Ghamr in the governorate of Dakhalia, according to Egyptian media.

Neighbours shunned entering the house for fear of the attacker and reported the incident to the local police.

On entering the house, police found the dead body of the 67-year-old father lying on the ground, while the surviving mother had two stabs in the shoulder. She was transferred to a local hospital.

The suspect with the knife allegedly used in the attack sat next to his parents. His mother told investigators that her son is psychologically ill and has been receiving treatment.

On the day of the murder, he went berserk. When his parents tried to restrain and placate him, he stabbed them with a knife and sat down next to them crying, according to the mother’s account.

She refused to raise accusations against the son, saying he is psychologically ill and acted unconsciously. The suspect was kept in custody pending interrogation.

Egyptian media has recently reported several gristly family crimes.

Last month, an Egyptian man, aged 35, killed three family members with a cleaver in the southern governorate of Minya.

Investigations and neighbours’ testimonies indicated that the suspect is psychologically unstable.