Bashar Al Assad and Asma. Egypt's prominent Muslim cleric Safwat Hejazi said the killing of Al Assad is a duty for every Muslim. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Egypt's prominent Muslim cleric Safwat Hejazi has said that the killing of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is a duty for every Muslim.

"He who has the chance to kill Al Assad and does not do this is a sinner," Hejazi told a rally held in Cairo in support of a popular revolt against Al Assad's rule.

"Hadn't I been a known face, I would have gone myself and killed him," added Hejazi, who had a high profile during an uprising that forced long-serving Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to step down last year.

Hejazi added that his anti-Al-Assad fatwa (a religious edict) has been echoed by many Muslim clerics.

A large number of Syrians have fled to Egypt since Al Assad's government started a ruthless crackdown on the revolt that erupted in March last year.

Last month, Egypt recalled its ambassador from Damascus, prompting the latter to withdraw its envoy in protest.

The opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said that a total of 9,114, including 6,645 civilians, have been killed since the outbreak of the uprising in the country.