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29-year-old Huda had the ‘Widest Arm Span’ of a living person for a female, at 236.3cm (7ft 8.4inches). Image Credit: Guinness World Records

Dubai: The tallest woman in the world died yesterday in Egypt after suffering from kidney failure, Egyptian media reported. She was 29.

Huda Abdul Gawad was holder of three titles in the Guinness World Records: The largest hand of a living woman with a length of 24.3 cm, The largest foot at 33.1 cm and The widest arms of a surviving woman at 236.3 cm.

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With hands larger than a dinner plate, Huda’s brother 34-year-old Mohammed has achieved the record title for the widest hand span on a living person (male) with 31.3cm (12.32 inches) on his left hand.

In addition, he also has the widest arm span on a living person (male) measuring a massive 250.3cm (8ft 2.5 inches).

Together, the siblings have a combined height of 414.4 cm (13 ft 7 inches) — nearly as tall as a London double-decker bus.

Huda lived with her mother, Rouhiy, in a small village, 90 minutes outside the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Born in January 1991, Huda’s childhood felt normal, until at the age of 12, when she realised she was growing taller than most of her peers.

Similarly, Mohammed started getting taller around the age of 12. His height soared and his hands and arms continued to grow to a record-breaking size. The siblings used to have their clothes custom made by the Terzi (their local tailor) in their hometown.