Image for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: An Egyptian man has been arrested after being found guilty of stealing money to buy calf and rice and distribute meat to the poor ‘in the hope of cleansing his sins’, local media reported.

It all began with a supermarket in an Egyptian village reporting a robbery of $3,650, leaving the owner shocked and perplexed. Acting swiftly, the owner examined the CCTV footage to identify the thief, and security forces were alerted immediately.

The suspect was apprehended soon after, and it was discovered that the 41-year-old culprit had a history of theft.

During interrogation, the thief admitted to stealing the money as an act of atonement for his past misdeeds. He expressed his concern over the high prices of meat and poultry in the village, which compelled him to steal and distribute the meat among the poor. However, the amount stolen was only enough to buy a calf, some rice, and vegetables.

The accused showed no remorse and stated that he was willing to return to prison. He declared his intention to return the stolen amount to the shop owner immediately upon his release. The thief also expressed his delight in bringing joy to the people of his village.

The Egyptian public prosecution has ordered the accused to be detained for four days while they investigate the matter further. The villagers were taken aback by the incident, and they hope that justice will be served.