Eman Adel Egypt
Eman Adel was allegedly choked to death by her husband's work colleague. Image Credit: Okaz

Abu Dhabi: More details of a premeditated murder that took place in a village in the Dakahlia Governate, north of Cairo and which shook Egypt have emerged.

The victim, Eman Adel, a student in her 20s at the Faculty of Arts dreamt of getting married and building a family, but that dream turned into a nightmare. She was found dead in her house, in the village of Mit Antar, after a marriage that resulted in a 9 month old baby.

The tragic story started when the police received a report from a person stating that he had found his wife killed inside their house, so they went to the scene of the incident for investigation.

On examining the surveillance cameras, the police noticed a person, wearing niqab or veil that covers the entire face and body, went up to the victim’s residence, then left after a while. This person turned out to be a man called Ahmed, who was working in a clothes store owned by Eman’s husband.

It turned out that the husband, Hussein, wanted to marry another woman, but Eman had strongly refused, so he decided to get rid of her “without material losses”, and fabricated a story through which an ethical scandal would be attached to his wife, so that he could divorce her without costs.

The plan was to agree with one of his employees to go to their home and rape his wife to prove the duo were involved in an illegal affair.

But the diabolical plan failed when Eman defended herself by shouting loudly, which scared Ahmed who choked her to death near her baby.

Egypt’s Public Prosecution on Wednesday ordered the husband and his accomplice be remanded in custody pending trial on charges of premeditated murder after creating an incident of rape with the help of another, which led to Eman’s death.