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Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: An Egyptian man was arrested for having chained his university daughter to a bed in the family’s house to stop her from seeing a colleague with whom she is in love, local media reported.

The girl’s ordeal was made public after she appeared in online footage showing her shackled around the feet in a bedroom with bruises in the face. Police were able to identify the abused girl and found that the incident took place in the governorate of the New Valley in south-western Egypt.

Investigations also found that the girl is in love with her colleague, who proposed to marry her, but his proposal was rejected by the girl’s family.

On objecting to their decision, the girl was allegedly attacked by the father, who also fettered her with an iron chain to a bed. The cause of spurning the marriage proposal was not revealed.

Conservative families traditionally believe that the girl should have no say in choosing the husband-to-be.

When arrested, the father admitted to the act. His daughter, however, refused to accuse him of assaulting her.

The case was referred to local prosecutors.