Rape victim, abuse victim
According to Tadamon, more than 13 women have been murdered by men since the beginning of 2021. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Over the past few months, Jordan has witnessed a worrying spike in domestic violence.

According to Tadamon (Sisterhood is Global Institute Jordan - SIGI), more than 13 women have been murdered by men since the beginning of 2021. However, two women survived after being stabbed, one by her husband and the other by her father.

On January 18, a husband killed his wife, 53, and son, 18, in the Rusaifa area while on January 25, 2021, a young man confessed to beating his 20-year-old sister to death in the Marka area.

On March 6, a father killed his daughters aged 2 and 3 using a sharp object in southern Badia. While on March 8, a man stabbed and killed his ex-wife inside Al Rusaifa Sharia Court.

Also on March 10, a mother, 60, was stabbed to death by her son in Amman and on the next day, a female, 20, was stabbed to death by her mother in Mafraq Governorate.

April 29 also witnessed a woman being stabbed to death by her husband’s brother in the Rusaifa area in Zarqa Governorate.

On May 26, a man stabbed his 80-year-old mother to death in the Al Hussein camp area in Amman, while June, 16, a 21-year-old university girl was killed by her father.

Two more crimes took place in June where a brother burned his sister to death in Zarqa Governorate and a husband killed his wife by beating her to death in the Balqa Governorate.

On September 14, a woman in her twenties was burned to death by her husband after he poured kerosene on her. She died a week after her stay in a hospital.

Tadamon said that a total of 21 murders were committed against women and girls during 2019, while 20 murders occurred in 2020.

However, Tadamon said that “there are no official figures about the extent of violence against unmarried girls and women aged 50 years and over.”

According to experts, the rise in domestic violence can be attributed to many reasons, including COVID-19 and lack of education together with the bad economic situations and poverty.