Al Mukalla: An aid ship from the UAE carrying maintenance equipment for ageing central power generators and stations arrived on Saturday at the port of Al Mukalla in Yemen’s southern governorate of Hadramaut as part of a plan to bring broken-down stations online.

The shipment is the latest in a continuous humanitarian sealift being operated by the Emirates Red Crescent, the UAE’s humanitarian arm, to help Yemen, said Abdullah Al Musaferi, Representative of the Emirates Red Crescent in Hadramaut.

The aim is to stabilise the power grid and ease the suffering of Yemeni citizens from the frequent blackouts in the coastal districts, he noted. “The agency continues to carry out its relief and development plans in all sectors, including health care and education, to help the population in Hadramaut and support the governorate’s infrastructure and economy.”

The UAE’s remarkable assistance will always be remembered by the city, said Manea Yaslam bin Yameen, the head of the electricity department in Hadramaut.