Dubai: Three Iranian Revolutionary Guard experts were killed on Saturday in a coalition of Arab states raid in the province of Hajjah on the border with Saudi Arabia, the latest evidence of Tehran’s support for the coup militias, military sources said on Sunday.

The sources confirmed the Iran-allied Al Houthis transported the three military experts to the state-owned Revolution Hospital in Hajjah in north-western Yemen, before moving them to Sana’a at dawn today, Sky News reported.

The development comes days after the legitimate Yemeni government seized an Iranian vessel off the coast of Socotra, carrying 29 sailors.

Al Houthis are being helped by experts from the Revolutionary Guard in several provinces.

Some months ago, sources revealed the presence of 12 Guardsmen in the Hajjah province in the west of Yemen, where they placed naval mines.

Iran has also been sending arms shipments to the coup militias, but Yemeni authorities and international forces have foiled several Iranian attempts supervised by the Revolutionary Guards to smuggle in weapons.

Tehran has stepped up its support for Al Houthis in Yemen as militia-controlled territory decreases in the face of efforts by the legitimate government backed by the Arab alliance.

According to Sky News, a US official said Tehran was supplying Al Houthis with advanced weapons and missiles to prolong the killing and destruction.

The official added those weapons did not exist in Yemen before the war broke out.

The Revolutionary Guard is Iran’s arm that supports terrorist organisations and militias in the region, including in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.