Protest in Sana'a on June 1, 2010, against the storming of a Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza by Israelis on Monday. Image Credit: Reuters

Sana'a: Tens of thousands of Yemenis condemned on Tuesday the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla, which was on its way to Gaza early on Monday.

The ruling and opposition parties, who organised the demonstration, demanded the scrapping of the Arab peace initiative and stopping of negotiations with Israel.

The angry demonstrators also demanded the lifting of the blockade on Gaza and urged Egypt to permanently open the Rafah crossing.

In a statement, a copy of which was handed over to the UN office in Sana’a, the demonstrators called upon the Arab and Islamic countries to cut relations with Israel.

Tribal leaders, clerics, and politicians from all political parties addressed the rally.

Prominent cleric Abdul Majid Al Zandani said the Israeli attack would not have happened if Egypt kept the Rafah crossing opened.

Al Zandani demanded the Yemeni government make efforts to secure the release of four Yemeni activists who were arrested by Israeli forces.

Al Zandani, who is popular among Yemenis as religious symbol, asked the crowds to organise a heroes welcome to the four Yemenis when they return.

The clergyman also demanded the Arab leaders to establish an Arab union for confronting Israel.