Riyadh: The Saudi-led Arab coalition battling militias in Yemen on Monday said its forces killed eight fighters from Lebanon's group Hezbollah in northern Yemen, near the Saudi border.

"The coalition killed 41 terrorist elements in Maran and destroyed their vehicles and equipment. Among the dead were eight members of Lebanese Hezbollah, including a commander," coalition spokesman Colonel Turki Al Maliki said in a statement.

Maran is in Saada province, a stronghold of Yemen's Al Houthi rebels who are backed by Iran.

It was the first official announcement by the coalition of Lebanese Hezbollah fighters being killed in Yemen although Al Maliki told AFP it was "not the first time".

In a November interview with CNN, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir accused Hezbollah of firing a missile provided by Iran at the kingdom from Yemeni territory.