Sana’a: Police in Yemen arrested a Quran “healer” who allegedly cures spiritual and physical diseases by reciting verses from the Quran, after the death of a patient in northern city of Ibb, a local newspaper reported on Sunday.

Al Oula daily said that the relatives of a 23-year old woman brought her to the spiritual doctor saying she suffered from psychological problems. The husband of the newly-wedded woman said that the healer told them that she was suffering from a demonic possession and magic and that he had to use forces to treat her.

The woman died when the man trampled over her neck in an attempt to “exorcise a demon from her body”. The paper said that the husband collapsed when he heard about the death of his wife as they had only recently been married.

Quran healing centres can be found in every corner of the poverty-stricken country. Healers say that this practice can treat mental and other diseases.