Al Mukalla: Forces aligned with the internationally-recognised president of Yemen, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, have stormed some neighbourhoods in Medi and captured a major road that connects the city with Haradh city in the northern province of Hajja, a Yemen army spokesperson told Gulf News on Monday.

Brigadier General Abdo Abdullah Majili said that continuing battles in Hajja are part of a renewed offensive by government forces to evict Al Houthi militia from two strategic cities that are close to the country’s border with Saudi Arabia.

“Our forces have taken control of some areas in Medi and are now defusing a large number of landmines planted by Al Houthis,” Brigadier General Majili said.

Government forces initially recaptured Medi from the Iran-backed Al Houthi militants last year, months after marching into Hajja from the Saudi side of the border.

They later retreated to the outskirts after facing stiff resistance from rebels who planted thousands of landmines.

Majili said that Hadi’s forces have cut off Al Houthi military reinforcements from reaching Medi from the neighbouring city of Haradh.

Earlier last year, Yemen government forces took control of the Medi, a strategic Red Sea port city where rebels receive arms supplies from Iran.

Vice-President General Ali Mohsen Al Ahmar, visited front lines in Medi where he called upon resistance fighters to maintain high morale and intensify their offensive until they reach the city of Hodeidah, the last major seaport under rebel control.

The state-run Saba news agency said that General Al Ahmar and two senior officers from the Saudi-led coalition discussed military plans during a meeting with Yemen army commanders in Medi.

Fierce fighting also broke out in the province of Marib where fighter jets from the Saudi-led coalition destroyed ballistic missiles launchers and attacked several Al Houth-held locations in Serwah district.

The highest Al Houthi casualties were recorded on Sunday in the province of Baydha where resistance fighters ambushed a vehicle carrying rebels in the Rada district of the Ghyafa region.

Local media reports said that seven Al Houthi fighters were killed and their armoured vehicle was destroyed in the ambush.

Other resistance fighters battled Al Houthi militants in the Baydha district of the Rowdha region.

Meanwhile, in the northern province of Jawf, a number of Al Houthi fighters surrendered to government forces.

Another Al Houthi commander on Lahj’s Karash front also laid down his arms and vowed to join government forces, according to Ministry of Defence official news site,