File picture of Houthi rebel fighters in Yemen. Image Credit: AP

Abu Dhabi: A number of Yemeni politicians affirmed that the association of ministers and officials in the Yemeni legitimate government with the Qatari interference in the Yemeni conflict poses a threat to the future of Yemen and its people, especially after the malicious intentions of the Brotherhood's global organisation were exposed in the pursuit of prolonging the war, undermining the security and stability of the region, and empowering terrorist elements, who sowed chaos to put Yemen in endless conflicts, Saudi Media reported.

They explained that the Qatari intervention, a part of the Brotherhood’s scheme in Yemen, is not for the interest of Yemen, but rather to create an environment hostile to the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, specifically in Taiz Governorate, and through the pro-Qatar international Brotherhood organisation, which started to recruit thousands with a salary of SR500, and a similar amount as a monthly expense, through camps, supervised by Brotherhood leader Hamoud Saeed Al Mikhlafi, and Yemeni Minister Saleh Al Jabwani in Abyan, each received 18 million euros from Qatar in exchange for undermining security and stability in Yemen, and disrupting all projects that want good for Yemen and Yemenis, Okaz reported.

Taiz conscript camps

A number of observers of the Yemeni affairs, while expressing their fear of the scenarios prepared by the international Brotherhood organisation for their country, have made clear that southern Taiz camps and another camp have been created in the Ma’afir Directorate, while Al Mikhlafi and a number of his aides are still receiving hundreds of new recruits, who are mobilised by Qatar and leaders associated with the international Brotherhood’s organisation in the various districts of Taiz, to Abyan and some southern governorates, after they handed over many northern fronts to the Iranian Houthi militias, Okaz reported.

Fueling conflicts and prolonging war

Sources from the southern governorates said minister Saleh Al Jabwani is moving between some governorates to recruit more young people for the benefit of the global Brotherhood, in the desire to continue the confrontations that the Brotherhood Islah Party sees as the only way to block the Riyadh agreement.

A source who met Al Jibwani said he assigned him to rent a house for him in Ataq to be a location to meet the recruits, but he was unable to fulfill his request in light of the landlord’s refusal to lease him for Al Jibwani, who faces a state of dissatisfaction among his supporters who discovered that he spent only 50 per cent of the Qatari funds allocated for the recruitment, Okaz reported.

A number of Yemeni activists have revealed Al Jibwani’s activity as he distributes money to mercenaries for the Qatari regime, urging them to join the fronts run by the Brotherhood international organisation, killing their brothers in implementation of Qatari orders, and according to prior plans that will fuel conflicts in various parts of Yemen, in an attempt to evade Implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, which the honorable people of Yemen see as a lifeline, and a real guarantee for a prosperous and stable future for their country, while facing a state of rejection and procrastination by the international organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Link between Islah and Doha

A number of Yemenis were surprised at the opening of these camps and the recruitment of the deceived by the Qatari regime, in coordination with leaders in the legitimate Yemeni government, especially since the Qatar wing in the Islah Party is still preparing files for other recruits with salaries paid by the Qatari regime, until these elements are transferred to Military brigades that fall under the Ministry of Defense to cover up and legitimise their activities.

A number of Yemenis said that the conflict in Taiz Governorate was not to liberate it from the Houthi militias, as it were confrontations with forces affiliated with some parties to control the province and implement Qatar’s agendas away from obstacles, with the international Brotherhood taking into account the abuse of everyone who opposes the trend of forming forces loyal to Qatar and the Brotherhood organisation at the same time.

Attempt to block the Riyadh agreement

A number of Yemenis, who were displaced from their homes by the militias of the International Muslim Brotherhood, said that Qatar, in coordination with Hmoud Al Mikhlafi, Minister Saleh Al Jibwani and other officials in the legitimate Government, will be revealed soon. They are still recruiting thousands of people who have been deceived in favor of the Brotherhood organisation, taking advantage of their living conditions. They aim to obstruct the implementation of the Riyadh agreement, while at the same time ignoring the most important fronts and confronting the Iranian Houthi militias. The Yemenis expressed their surprise at the recruitment of conscripts to the legitimate Yemeni army with dirty Qatari funds and planning by the international Brotherhood. They said that this conspiracy would not bring good to Yemen and Yemenis. They asked: Who has the authority to issue decisions for Qatar conscripts in the Yemeni army?, according to Okaz.