STOCK angry dog
For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A little Saudi boy has been viciously attacked by a pack of stray dogs in Tabuk, the capital city of the Tabuk region in northwestern Saudi Arabia, local media reported.

A video of the incident that has gone viral on social media shows the boy in a state of panic trying to escape from dogs.  The video also shows the dogs attack the boy every time he tries to escape until young men come around and manage to shoo them away.

In March, a similar incident in Riyadh where a 4-year-old girl was mauled to death by stray dogs in front of her mother. Five stray dogs attacked Shahd when she went out of the rest house where her family was camping in Al Wasila neighbourhood in southwest of Riyadh.

Stray dogs can be seen in many neighbourhoods all over the Kingdom, posing great danger to the safety of passersby, especially children.

Veterinarians have warned against the grave dangers of dog bites and their fatal effect on sheep and other animals. If an animal has been bitten by a stray dog, it should be separated from other animals immediately. A vet should examine the animals and ensure they are free from rabies.

Dogs can transmit a lot of other diseases to humans, including Leishmaniasis, a parasite infection carried by sand flies from the tainted blood of dogs to humans. The parasite is rampant in places where a large number of stray dogs are found. If the parasite enters the human body and ends up in the liver, it can be fatal.