More than 200 million delivery operations were performed last year, according to an official. Image Credit: Reuters file

Cairo: Saudi Arabia is set to enforce new regulations for delivery services in April, prohibiting expats from self-employment in the burgeoning sector.

The kingdom’s Transport General Authority (TGA) has enacted a set of rules aimed at regulating the delivery sector including the introduction of a uniform for non-Saudis working in the sector.

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The regulations obligate the delivery companies to activate a face-verification feature for their drivers through a system directly linked to TGA, and require non-Saudi delivery drivers to gradually work through light transport firms in a 14-month limit.

Self-employment, however, is allowed for Saudi nationals in the sector.

Moreover, the new rules permit using light transport vehicles for advertising in coordination with the Ministry of Municipal and Village Affairs.

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The new system also aims to upgrade delivery drivers’ efficiency and related services as well as enhance safety and trustworthiness levels.

The rules, moreover, seek to motivate Saudis to work in this sector in a way aimed to create more jobs for them, according to TGA.

“The delivery sector is among important sectors in the kingdom. Regulating and boosting its efficiency is among our principal objectives,” said TGA spokesman Saleh Al Zuwayed.

There are 37 licenced companies operating in the delivery sector in the kingdom, he told Saudi news TV Al Ekhbariya.

More than 200 million delivery operations were performed last year, according to the official. “This stresses the importance of regulating this sector and raising trustworthiness and safety in it, along with creating multiple opportunities for Saudis,” he said.

There are also 100 licensed light transport companies serving in delivering parcels and other orders in the kingdom. “They can provide the service in cooperation with the delivery apps,” A Zuwayed said.