200924 Saudis
Saudi and expat riders of the Hawks Riyadh MC club wave a national flag as they ride their motorcycles around the capital Riyadh, during a parade to mark the Saudi national day. Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: A survey by the Saudi Centre for Opinion Polls on the 90th National Day showed that 89 per cent of Saudis believe the National Day celebration boosts national unity, local media reported.

The survey also showed that 87.9 per cent of Saudis knew that the National Day refers to the anniversary of the unification of the kingdom, and 77.9 per cent knew this year marked the 90th National Day.

The Saudi society showed a strong desire and support for the activities that take place in the celebration of the National Day. Of those surveyed, 96.9 per cent said they were glad National Day was a holiday, while 94.5 per cent enjoyed the shopping discounts, 92.8 per cent the aircraft shows, while concerts and folk arts were admired by 84.8 per cent Fireworks received apositive response from 77.9 per cent of Saudis,, the poll revealed.