The rise in life expectancy is the highest achievement scored in the health sector during 2023. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: The average life expectancy in Saudi Arabia has increased to 77.6 years in 2023 compared to 74 years in 2016 due to excessive health promotion in the Kingdom, according to a report by the Health Sector Transformation Program.

The rise in life expectancy is the highest achievement scored in the health sector during 2023. Adopting the principal of health promotion is one of the Vision 2030 goals.

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How Saudi Arabia enhanced the level of public health
Spreading the culture of walking
Reducing salt in foods
Disclosing calories and other policies
Implementing fforts to improve health services
Enhancing prevention against health risks through early screening processes.

Government programs for the health initiative

  1. The approval of the Council of Ministers for the establishment of the National Institute for Health Research
  2. The first transformational stage launching all health clusters to carry out their role as responsible for population health
  3. The National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services (Nphies)- offers a single source of comprehensive and secure data based on the Value-Based Healthcare model, benefiting both individuals and society
  4. The Shifa platform, benefitting more than 7,233 cases
  5. 5. Saudi Center for Medical Appointments and Referrals, which showed more than 300,000 internal and external successful referrals

Early detection of diseases contributed to the increase in life expectancy. More than five million people have been subjected to exploratory obesity screening, with over a million cases of early detection. More than one million people underwent exploratory screening for diabetes, with approximately 11,000 early detection cases, as well as 160,000 women undergoing early breast cancer screening, which resulted in 654 early detection cases. This detection contributes to the treatment of cases discovered in their early stages.