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A view shows buildings and houses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Traffic authorities in Saudi Arabia have warned motorbikers and cyclists against holding onto vehicles on the kingdom’s roads, saying the misconduct costs the offender up to SR300.

The kingdom’s General Directorate of Traffic has also warned against illegally using a motorbike to carry tools, designating this as a punishable offence.

“If the driver of a motorbike or an ordinary bike holds onto any other vehicle or pulls or loads it with tools or equipment, this is considered a violation that makes the violator subject to a penalty,” the directorate said.

The violations are punishable by fines ranging from SR150 to SR300.

Saudi Arabia recently toughened penalties for traffic offences to reduce road crashes.

Authorities recently warned motorists against swerving on the road and said the risky offence is punishable by fines up to SR6,000. Swerving makes the motorist lose control of the car and causes accidents, it added.

In August, Saudi traffic authorities said fines ranging from SR100 to SR150 would be slapped on motorists who fail to give priority to pedestrians using their designated crossings.

Authorities also said using a cellphone at the wheel is an offence punishable by a fine of up to SR900, while driving a vehicle with an unclear or damaged number plate is a traffic infringement punishable by fines of SR1,000 to SR2,000.

Saudi media recently reported several fatal road mishaps in the country.

The annual cost of traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia is estimated at around SR11.7 billion.