A nurse prepares the COVID-19 vaccine. Image Credit: AP

Saudi Arabia announced that citizens and expatriate residents with vaccine-exempt status on the Tawakkalna app will be allowed to enter public places and travel abroad, as they will be treated exactly like the vaccinated, local media said.

Exempt status is given only to those who have obtained a prior exemption from the Ministry of Health for not taking a COVID-19 vaccine due to medical concerns.

The app stated that users of Huawei and Google Play can view their status of “Exempted” on their app, while users of iOS can access the website.

The Ministry of Health recently announced that the exemption from getting the vaccine would be given to those who have medically proven to be hypersensitive to COVID-19 vaccines or one of the vaccine components.

The ministry emphasized that medical exemptions will be based only on valid medical grounds and this will be through showing medical reports.