Saudi Arabia: Seasoned cattle breeder sets sights on master’s degree
Image Credit: Ajel news portal

Cairo: A Saudi man, with a 30-year experience in cattle breeding, has said he plans to study for a master’s degree.

While launching an early career in cattle raising and marketing, Abdulqader bin Saeed pursued his education until he obtained a bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

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Bin Saeed, now in his 40s, reminisced about his college days, saying he used to go to university with his water tanker and that he would stop outside the campus out of shyness.

He explained in an interview with the Saudi TV station Al Ekhbariya that he gained experience in cattle breeding by accompanying his grandfather to the market since he was a child.

His grandpa encouraged him and initially helped him start with three heads of cattle. With diligence, they increased the herd to 50 heads," recalled Bin Saeed, who is a native of the port city of Jeddah.

30 years of experience

“I have been in the field for around 30 years. I gained experience in knowing about cattle diseases and their treatment,” Bin Saeed said. He is shown in the video interview on Al Ekhbariya feeding his sheep and looking after them.

Bin Saeed has a passion for high technology, saying he conducts online deals. “I took courses in the computer. I have now Twitter and Instagram accounts,” he said, asserting the importance of online technology to advance his career of which he is proud. “They think the cattle breeder doesn’t know anything. That’s not true.”

Bin Saeed has pieces of advice to would-be buyers of cattle. They are advised to accompany experienced dealers and go to different markets to gather observations. They have also to be on guard against rival bidders, who would make high offers at auctions and not be misled by their tactic.