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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: The average salary of Saudis working in the private sector grew 4.1 per cent to 8,300 riyals in Q3 last year, compared to 7,973 riyals in Q2, while the average for Saudi women decreased by 0.4 per cent to 5,313 riyals from 5,330 riyals in Q2 last year, local media reported.

According to data of the General Authority for Statistics, obtained by Al Watan, the average salaries of Saudis working in the private sector recorded a rise during the first three quarters of last year, reaching 7,316 riyals at the end of the first quarter, and rising at 7,973 riyals, by the end of the second quarter, and then growing to 8,300 riyals at the end of last September, while the average for females saw a decline, recording 5,613 riyals at the end of the first quarter, and 5,330 riyals at the end of the second, and then decreased slightly in the third quarter at 5,313 riyals.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a large portion of the population to work remotely, with layoffs on the horizon for some occupations and industries. Women had a higher risk of suffering greater penalties in earnings as result. Women make up a larger percentage of occupations in Community and Social Services, Education, Library and Training, Office and Administrative Support, and Personal Care and Services, which are more likely to be suspended, laid off, or forced to work reduced hours.

Women are also more likely to have to take time off work, or even resign their positions, in order to care for children who are no longer in school as well as other family members.

Previous research from PayScale also found that women often incur a pay penalty upon returning to work after an absence—7 percent less on average for the same position.

Women also notably comprise 90 percent of the nursing profession, facing significant health risks while being paid less compared to their male counterparts.

During the first quarter of last year, the average salary of Saudis working in the private sector witnessed an increase of 3.05% to 7,316 riyals, compared to 7,099 riyals in the comparative quarter of 2019.

Men’s average pay increased by 4.42 per cent, to 7,867 riyals, compared to 7,486 riyals at the end of Q1 last year.

In contrast, the average salary of Saudi women in the private sector, increased 0.77 per cent to 5,613 riyals, compared to 5,057 riyals in Q1 of 2019.

For expatriates in the private sector, the average monthly salary increased 6% to 4,302 riyals compared to 4,006 riyals at the end of Q1 of 2019. The increase was 6.35 % for men, so that their average monthly salary was about 4,286, compared to 4,003 riyals in the same quarter of last year.

The average salary of expatriate women increased by 6.76 per cent in Q1 of 2020 to 5,733 riyals, compared to 5,037 riyals at the end of Q1 2019.