Saudi University students
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The Saudi Council of Universities' Affairs has exempted eight disability categories from standard university admission tests.

The exempted categories include individuals with hearing and visual impairments, learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, behavioural and emotional disorders, physical and health disabilities, language and speech disorders, and ADHD.

The exemption, directed by the Minister of Education and President of the Universities Affairs Council, Yousef Al Benyan, was announced by Dr. Basam Al Basam, General Secretary of the Council. A dedicated committee has conducted sessions and workshops to study the implementation of this exemption.

Furthermore, the Education and Training Evaluation Commission is preparing to design specific admission tests for disabled individuals, ensuring a fair and accommodating university entrance process.

The initiative aims to make higher education more accessible and inclusive. It represents a major step in promoting equal educational opportunities in Saudi Arabia, offering disabled students a more accessible path to higher education.