Sheikh Abdullatif Al Sheikh Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Abdullatif Al Sheikh has warned against smear campaigns being unleashed against Islam.

“There are moves for the malicious distortion of Islam’s true image as a religion of moderation and tolerance,” he cautioned while calling on all Muslims to practically confront it with moderate stances that embody tolerance and forgiveness.

He made the remarks after launching the initiative titled “Glorifying the houses of God,” and the activities of “Takatuf,” a women’s voluntary organisation, established by the ministry in Tabuk.

Al Sheikh stressed that the Kingdom adopts the approach of spreading moderation and promoting the true image of Islam as a religion that calls for tolerance and moderation and the fight against extremism and terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

The minister pointed out that the Kingdom’s effort to spread moderation today is reflected in the reality of the country, in terms of the spread of security and safety, and its keenness to build the country and the cohesion of its people.

He lauded the active role of women in the ministry’s various activities and programmes that demonstrates their excellence and keenness in mastering the tasks and works entrusted to them.