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Abu Dhabi: There are 78,596 beds in 504 hospitals affiliated to Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry, other government agencies and the private sector, at a rate of 2,240 beds for every 10,000 people, according to the annual report of the Ministry of Health.

In line with the Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Programme (NTP), the Ministry of Health was expected to spend close to US$71 billion over five-years ending in 2020.

According to US-based consultancy Aon Hewitt, the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia was expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 12.3% by 2020.

The Health Ministry has 45,180 beds, accounting for 57.5% of the total number of beds, distributed among 297 hospitals, followed by 19,427 beds in private hospitals, or 24.7% of the total beds, distributed over 167 hospitals, with a bed for every 4 patients. While the number of beds in hospitals affiliated to the other 50 government agencies reached 13,989 beds, or 17.8%.

Riyadh topped the list of health regions in the number of hospitals and beds in the three health sectors, with 110 hospitals and 20,802 beds, followed by Eastern Province with 9,411 beds distributed over 53 hospitals, then Jeddah with 8,785 beds in 57 hospitals.

The number of beds in Madinah in the year 2020 reached about 5,161 beds in 33 hospitals, followed by Asir with 4,124 beds in 34 hospitals, and in Taif 26 hospitals in Taif comprising 3,983 beds, and the Holy Capital 3393 beds in 19 hospitals, followed by Qassim with 3,306 beds in 24 hospitals.