The Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia’s city of Mecca. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The number of women working in the Saudi General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has increased to more than 600, local media reported.

The Assistant General President for Women’s Development Affairs, Dr. Al Anoud bint Khalid Al Aboud, leads the Women’s Development Affairs Agency.

There are several agencies working under its umbrella of this entity and hiring women cadres including the Assistant Agency for Technical Affairs, Digital Transformations, and Artificial Intelligence for Women, the Assistant Agency for Public Relations and Media Affairs.

In the Assistance Agency for Languages And Women’s Translation there are nearly 100 female employees, while there are 210 employees in the Assistant Agency for Women’s Services and Field Affairs.

Meanwhile, the Vice Presidency for Scientific, Intellectual and Guiding Affairs for Women is led by Dr. Noura bint Hillel Al Dhuwaibi. Under this entity, a number of departments are operating including Assistant Agency for Women’s Scientific, Intellectual and Cultural Affairs and the Assistant Agency for Women’s Guidance and Guidance Affairs, with nearly 200 women employees.

The Vice Presidency for Women’s Administrative and Development Affairs, led by Dr. Camelia bint Mohammad Al Daadi includes the Assistant Agency for Women’s Administrative Affairs and the Assistant Agency for Strategic Planning, Initiatives and Realization of the Women’s Vision, and they have approximately 30 employees.

In 2019, Saudi Arabia introduced significant women’s rights reforms, under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 initiative, to advance in various fields, including lifting travel restrictions and allowing Saudi women to drive, register their children’s birth, and providing new protections against employment discrimination and sexual harassment.