Mourners bury the body of Mansour Fateel, who died of wounds sustained in the mosque bombing in Qadeeh, on Saturday in the city of Tarut. Image Credit: AFP

Manama: An Indian national is among 57 suspects arrested by the Saudi authorities following the deadly suicide blast in a mosque on May 22.

The suspects comprised 51 Saudis, three Yemenis, one Syrian, one Egyptian and one Indian, local daily Al Watan reported on Sunday.

The arrests started on the day after the Friday attack at Imam Ali Mosque in the small town of Qadeeh in the Eastern Province that killed 22 worshippers.

One Saudi was arrested on the first day, followed by 14 Saudis, one Yemeni and one Syrian on Sunday. On the third day, 12 Saudis and two Yemenis were held while 12 Saudis, one Egyptian and one Indian were held on Tuesday. On Wednesday, 12 Saudis were arrested, the daily said.

According to the authorities, 1,059 terror suspects have been arrested in the last eight months.

The interior ministry has been regularly publishing lists of suspects wanted for links with terrorist acts and ideologies.

The report said that 3,908 names have been announced by the interior ministry since the war on terror was launched, adding that 27 per cent of the suspects were arrested this year.

The suspects wanted by the Saudi authorities are from 41 countries, but the nationality of 18 of them has not been identified.

Saudis top the terror lists with 3,285 nationals, followed by Yemenis with 249 suspects. Syrians were third with 119 people wanted for cases related to terror and state security, Al Watan said.