More than 10,000 exhibitors from around the world displayed antiques and objects of art at the four-day Abu Dhabi International Fine Art and Antiques Fair that ended in the UAE capital on Saturday.

They included visitors from Paris, Rome, Vienna, London, Brussels, Florence, Tunisia, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Cairo and Bangkok, apart from the UAE. Some of the finest art and antiques from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries were displayed at the fair.

The collection included furniture, clocks, jewellery, sculpture, ceramics, glass, photographs, tapestries and paintings.


Among the exhibitors taking part was Galerie Michel-Guy Chadelaud from Paris, who took up a large stand of 200 square metres to show a wide range of European furniture and musical instruments, including a richly-engraved piano that belonged to Queen of Portugal, Amelie D'Orleans (1865-1951).

Another exhibition highlight was the $6 million (Dh22 million) Sitara (meaning cover in Arabic) from the Ka'aba, dated 1180 Hijra, made of pure gold.

"I was offered this piece from a private family who inherited it. When I did my estimation on the quality and verified the authenticity of the piece, I got goose bumps. We already have three potential buyers for the exquisite Sitara," said Fayez Barakat, president, Barakat Gallery.

The Marble Fountain displayed by Le Louvre des Antiquaires was also unique. From 18th century Italy, it weighs 600kg and is made up of seven kinds of marble and hard stone. "This is the most unusual and important piece in the gallery. I bought it from a family in Toreno. It now costs $185,000 (Dh679,000)," said Charles Sakr, gallery owner.