Thunder and lightning light up Dubai skies
Thunderstorms are expected to start from the afternoon that will descend in Hajar Mountains and adjacent areas. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Muscat: Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued an alert today of expected heavy rains for the next couple of days.

The alert said that thunderstorms (25-50 mm) are expected, accompanied by active winds. The gusts may range from 30-45 knots with hail and descent to some valleys that will impair visibility. Various governorates in Oman including of Muscat, and Buraimi among others will see the action in the coming hours. The Civil Aviation Authority called on everyone to take caution during thunderstorms and advised people not to cross valleys and to avoid low-lying places.

Per the alert scattered rains, thunderstorms and active winds are expected to start from today afternoon that will descend in Hajar Mountains and adjacent areas that will extend to the coastal areas of sea of Oman and Arabian Sea. Last one week had deposited a fair amount rainfall across Oman with many areas going without power as gusts of winds snapped the power lines.

Cloudy day

Overflowing wadis fed by mountain streams ran across roads submerging the roads and uprooting trees on its way. The weather warning also alerts of a cloudy day tomorrow and the day after with sporadic rain throughout the two days. Active winds were also indicated in the alert, as was fog.

The engineering teams from Oman’s Ministry of Defence are actively engaged in their rescue efforts to restore electrical supply and where required to supply generator set.

Teams were also deployed across the country to reopen roads that were blocked by debris, fallen trees, and rocks due to torrential downpour, as were suction pumps to drain water from areas that were inundated with rain water blocking normal traffic.