Shaheen Schools Close
At least 11 people were killed by the cyclone in Oman. Picture for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Muscat: From Ghala near the airport to Muttrah close to sea port, the scene that one could see was that of the citizens engaged in clearing the pileup of rubbles on the roads and lanes. Municipality workers were working to clear the trees and lamp posts that had fallen due to the severe winds that rattled the capital region in the wake of the cyclonic storm Shaheen.

The seafront road in Ghala was being cleared by the citizens since October 4 early morning. With the government declaring October 3 and 4 as holidays, it came as a blessing for many civic-minded citizens to take to clearing and cleaning.

Mustapha Mohammed, working with Bank Muscat, who owns a villa along the seafront said his sons and he had feared the worst as their house is just feet away from the beach, which is popularly known as the Pebbles beach and Fishing beach. “When the rain started receding, we were so relieved. We started our cleaning operations right after the early morning prayer. We were soon joined by other residents as well as by Muscat Municipality workers.”

Similar scenes of residents and citizens lending their hands in restoring public utilities in various residential localities like Qurum and Muttrah were seen.